‘You need the right people with you, not the best people.” – Jack Ma (Founder of Alibaba.com)

  • AUTHOR: singh
  • November 17, 2020
‘You need the right people with you, not the best people.” – Jack Ma (Founder of Alibaba.com)

The sobering Oscar-nominated film Hidden Figures tells the story of a trio of African-American math whizzes who happened to be women, employed by NASA in the early 1960s to help put a US astronaut into orbit.

Entering an organization is like joining a party that has been going on without you for years. I remember how I felt on my first day on the job. Proud, excited, perhaps a little anxious…what I really wanted was to find a way to show my coworkers – and especially my manager – what a shrewd decision they had made by hiring me.

As leaders, the task of building and maintaining a team is never done. One aspect of team-building that often gets overlooked is the need for old-timers to have the necessary patience with newcomers. For the newcomer, everything is unfamiliar.

The members of my team could almost work together blindfolded. They trust each other’s judgment and have a sense of fellowship which is the glue for any group of people who want to outperform competitors.

Transparency in teams = trust. The better the team members know one another’s background, beliefs, ideals and other personal information, the more likely there is to be empathy and understanding within a group. 

A team is built on good people and good relationships.

Trust is a critical ingredient of a team’s success. The members in a team who achieve extraordinary results are not arrogant or superficial, they don’t play games and they are not powermongers. Instead, they are real, and that’s how they come across to people.

People today are skeptical for good reasons. They hate insincerity. Don’t be a fake. People want to know who and what is real and genuine. And if they find it, they trust it.

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