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Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps toward creating a business, becoming a founder and connecting.

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SPC is challenge oriented company which responds well and effectively with astonishing results!

On a practical level, we help implement change by ensuring that the right people carry out the appropriate tasks and making sure the employees adapt their performance to client’s new goals.

We believe we offer the best possible combination of:

Consistent global solutions
Local knowledge
Globally coordinated and managed service

Stalwart People Company



HR Recuritment





SPC will be the best partner to our clients that can offer best practice and international consistency in Talent Management, Business Transformation with ultimate Executive and Board Services.

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On a practical level, we help implement change by ensuring that the right people carry out the appropriate tasks and making sure the employees adapt their performance to client’s new goals.

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At SPC, our clients come first. We seek to build relationships with our clients that are founded on mutual goals and trust so that, together, we can align talent strategy with business objectives and optimize organizational performance.

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Our Main Services

Services done right will have a positive impact on your business. Help us understand you and your business needs so that we can serve you better.


Performance Improvement & Training Development

⦿   Retention Strategies

⦿   Culture Audits

⦿   Job Evaluation & Team Assessment & Team Selection

⦿   Leadership Model

⦿   Execution

⦿   Productivity

⦿   Trust

⦿   Sales Performance

⦿   Customer Loyalty

⦿   Education

⦿   Recruit, Develop and Transit Talent

Start-up and Family Business Grooming

⦿   Family business leadership training

⦿   Family business grooming for scaling up business

⦿   Startup grooming in scaling up business

⦿   Startup counseling on People-related issues


Transition & Talent Management

⦿   Redeployement/Outplacement

⦿   Leadership Development

⦿   Employee Management

⦿   Change Management

Recruiting / Talent Management

⦿   Executive Search (CXO and Board hiring)

⦿   RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

⦿   Interim/Contract/Permanent staffing(Mass Hiring)

⦿   Recruitment (Job) Portal for Senior Level Executives


Human Resource Counseling

⦿   Performance Appraisal

⦿   Training & Learning Solutions

⦿   Payroll Mangement/Compensation Benefits

⦿   Regulatory Compliance/ Employment Law

⦿   Consulting For building best HR Practices & Strategies for Small & large Organizations.

⦿   Psychometric Assessments (Psychometric Testing)

Worldwide Recruitment Exchange

⦿   Recruitment exchange for all freelance recruiters

⦿   Recruitment exchange for all small recruitments firms

⦿   Common Exchange across the world to connect at 1 place for local/international hiring needs of their clients with collaboration with each other


Leadership Consulting

⦿   Executive Coaching/Leadership Development Programs

⦿   Management Appraisal

⦿   Executive Assessments

⦿   Leadership Succession Planning


Counseling Services

⦿   Psychological counseling for employees for better productivity & better leadership.

⦿   Counseling services for corporate & individuals for a happy & successful life.

⦿   Personal counseling services for personal & integral matters for better decision making.

Clients Analysis

The training solutions provided by SPC (Stalwart People Company) for Corporates, are a suite of best-in-class training processes that enable customers to reduce costs, sharpen their business focus and obtain quantifiable results. These Corporate Learning Solutions leverage SPC’s in-depth knowledge and widespread experience in Technology Training, Induction Training, Product/Application Roll-out Training, making the company a preferred training services partner.

SPC’s Corporate Training Programs, targeted at both large enterprises and Small and Medium Businesses, deliver training that is focused and meets the requirements of a modern workplace.


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