“I never lose. I either win or learn” – Nelson Mandela

  • AUTHOR: singh
  • July 17, 2020
“I never lose. I either win or learn” – Nelson Mandela


30 lessons I learned before turning 30. Taylor Swift in a piece for Elle said “it’s healthy for your self-esteem to need less internet praise”, “it’s good to mess up and learn from it and take risks”, “All that glitters isn’t gold, and first impressions actually aren’t everything”, “They don’t give out awards for winning the most fights in your relationship. They just give out divorce papers”

Many of us believe that when we graduate from university, our education is finished. But our true schooling has only begun as we shift from word lessons to world lessons

There’s no denying that in my younger days, understanding the unique language of money and how the financial system worked has always been my blind spot, and I was too proud to admit it. I would make a dollar and spend a dollar and fifty cents. The more money I make, the more broke I got.

Once I learned that the world didn’t come to an end and that I could work my way back to being whole again, I gained enormous confidence and wisdom about how to live; how to have humility, what matters and what doesn’t, how to succeed against all odds. It builds up enormous strength inside me. 

Most people find strength in things that are outside them; money, power, titles, wardrobes, cars. But most of the things that make a leader are on the inside: integrity, wisdom, confidence, passion, compassion, intuition. These things come from experiences of life’s trials. You can’t buy what’s not for sale. 

I have learned authenticity counts, and that the best route to an authentic life is through your scars. As you earn them, you learn to drop the B.S. in your life. 

It’s a scientific fact: you cannot have a rainbow without a storm. 

The storms of life offer an opportunity to respond in one of three ways to personal tragedy. You can give up…you can use whatever dulls the pain most, be it alcohol, drugs, work or money…you can grow and create something useful out of your painful experience. Giving up and coping are code words for avoidance, and the story of avoidance never ends well. 

Wisdom comes from dealing with your mess. All of it. But few people want to do that because it is just too much: too much work, too much pain.

No experience is ever wasted because every experience contains a lesson. The lessons of experience are always positive, even if the experience is not.



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